Munich is where Baroque opulence meets bucolic Bavarian custom: a town worthy of fables. Some of the city´s architecture is a replica of buildings that were bombed during the war and the new replacements have an untainted brilliance that is both attractive and deceptively identical to their originals. The yearly Oktoberfest invites milions of tourists and upwardly mobile Müncheners to deck out in traditional dress and participate in centuries-old Bavarian costumes. To a foreigner this raises the question: “is this for real ?” - a question relevant to anyone interested in knowing the truth, especially to a tourist who depends on the realism of the photographic image. Especially to a traveller who has been deceived in love.

LOVE. Wanting it, losing it, getting over it: the struggle of the heart makes knowing the truth all the more troubling, especially to an “escape artist”. Ron, our tourist is on a holiday from reality. He has left home to forget a marriage that´s broken his heart – but then he meets Julia and Bernie whose relationship ironically plays out his own. A growing affection for Julia only adds to his confusion as Ron figures out the boundary between reality and projection. In an attempt to escape his reality, Ron is forced to confront it head on in Munich, at the very place he sought evasion. Our tourist meanders through doubt, desire and his moral conscience in order to arrive to some place of truth in his search for love and resolve.